There are stunning women in all the various parts of the world that often remain unnoticed and unappreciated for their beauty. There are the famous supermodels and actresses that have become household names, however no additional attention needs to be given them. With Girl Discoveries, I seek to identify and acknowledge those women with exceptional attraction that may not yet be a household name.

Girl Discoveries is a passion project of mine, therefore it will be updated both when I have time and deem it necessary. I will not however update the site with girls who do not qualify just for the sake of updating the site. I will use my strict discretion when determining who deserves a page on this website, and who does not. I however am always open to suggestions and critique. After all, this site is dedicated to unknown beauty, and I am certainly not ignorant enough to believe I know of all the scarcely familiar beautiful girls out there – much less even a fraction of them.

If you feel someone is a candidate for this site or have any particular comment to make in general, let me know via the submissions page. Your communication is much appreciated. Enjoy.