Vikki Blows
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Date of Birth:
30 December 1987, Romford, Essex, UK

Birth Name
Vikki Blows


5′ 1″

Born in Romford, Essex, UK, Vikki calls herself a typical Essex girl, although she only owns one pair of white stilettos.

Vikki was going to get expelled from school at the age of 13 for mooning her head of year, so she left school and started working at a hairdresser’s. “See, it’s not a law to go to school, it’s just the law to have an education.” She did well at the hairdressers but failed to qualify as she didn’t have the patience to cut hair. Vikki already knew at age 15 that she wanted to become a Page 3 girl. “Actually I wanted to be Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue, but I was too short.” She joined an agency that “turned out to be really dodgy”, but at least she got some pictures out of it and sent them to Samantha Bond Management.

When she finally got a test for Page 3 she was so nervous the night before, that she hardly slept at all. Vikki explains in an interview that taking her clothes off in front of the camera wasn’t such a big deal for her because she says she feels “better with no clothes on. It just feels natural.”

Vikki auditioned for The Sun but her first picture appeared in The Daily Star, she still got a contract from The Sun. She also landed a role on ‘Footballers’ Wives’; “I dressed up as a Bunny… And I had to wink.” Although she prefers to do presenting instead of acting, as she says she always starts laughing when acting.

Vikki Blows has 8 piercings and 6 tattoos, and she plans on getting more
She is obsessive/compulsive and hates germs which causes her to “wash my hands way too much”
Vikki likes drinking tea
Vikki Blows does not drink or use drugs
Vikki Blows is her real name
She has a fear of vomit and the dark

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ahh be tek kelime keske e2 side benim yan?mda olsalar ne sikerdim :S

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